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First Contact Solstice Now Available

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The Millennium Solstice is a flat-top, overstable midrange driver. For faster arms it will glide straight with a reliable fade, for slower arms it will be an overstable mid that you can smash on. It holds up to torque really well, giving you the comfort to throw it on forehands and power hyzers without fear of it flipping. The Solstice has a mix of stability and glide that make this disc more versatile than most overstable midranges on the market. It can face stiff winds, offers controlled hyzer lines, and smooth, touch sidearm shots, all with a predictable fade. The Solstice comes in both our DT Plastic (baseline) and Quantum Plastic (most durable & most stable).

In our DT plastic this midrange will wear into that workable mid you have been looking for and in Quantum plastic the Solstice will be the overstable, predictable workhorse that you need in your bag.

Speed 5, Glide 4, Turn 0, Fade 3

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Limited Edition Echo Sirius Scorpius

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Our best-selling Scorpius is available for a limited release in Echo Sirius plastic.

Players love the Millennium Scorpius…and they also love it in variations of plastic, and that’s exactly why we’ve done a small run of Scorpius in Echo Sirius plastic.  As part of our “Keep it Simple” mantra, this run of will offer Scorpius throwers the ability to stock their bag with the mold they love in a high-performance plastic that delivers a bit more durability than it’s Millennium plastic counterpart, and a slight variation in grip and firmness of the disc in hand compared to the Sirius Scorp.

Echo Sirius is the utilizes Innova’s reprocessed plastic method.  This plastic is blended from high-quality recycled plastic with a minimum of 50% pre-consumer waste plastic. This process delivers a high performing plastic with greater durability than Millennium (pro) plastic and a superior grip like our traditional Sirius plastic.

This run of Scorpius is currently available featuring our “mini scorp” hot stamp, and will remain limited in release for pre-approved fundraiser and sponsorship opportunities in the near future. Get yours today from our pro shop while supplies last.

Introducing the new Omega 4

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The Omega 4 is now available in Color Lunar DT and firm ET plastic
At Millennium, Omega is synonymous with “putter,” and the Omega 4 is the exciting 4th variation of our classic and most-sold Omega putt and approach disc. The Omega 4 is available for dealer wholesale orders and for online shopping starting January 18th, 2021.

The Omega 4 is a putt & approach disc that pros and players of all skill levels will love. It has a thicker nose and a blunt, beadless rim compared to our classic Omega. This configuration promotes a smooth release and gives the disc more stability for longer putt & approach shots, even in windy conditions. If you like the P2 or the Firefly, this disc is one you’ll want to try out.

Speed 2, Glide 3, Turn 0, Fade 1

The Omega 4 is being released in Color Lunar DT plastic as well as a more firm version of ET plastic for that great, tacky grip and torque resistance.
Both Omega 4’s are released with a special “First Contact” stamp celebrating the first run release of this new mold.

Download the Millennium Flight Chart updated with the Omega 4, shop now, or order here.

Millennium Launches Player Support Initiative

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Right now is a tough time for disc golf, especially for the those whom rely on competition and the big stage to make their way through the tour or the year. That’s why we’re launching a player support initiative.  For the month of April, we’ll feature some of our products which directly support players with a portion of every sale.  In addition to the below featured promotions, stay tuned to GK Pro for a forthcoming Barsby Battle featuring our very own Chris Farnham vs the former world champ, Gregg Barsby.

Now through the end of April, the below Millennium products help directly benefit and support the below:

Gregg Barsby — 2018 World Champion — Gregg has helped take our Scorpius to the main stage, and a portion of sale of Gregg’s Signature Edition Sirius Scorpius directly benefits Gregg.  Additionally, Gregg will be promoting other Millennium discs throughout the month.  Website guests can use coupon code: barsby15 to save 15% off most Millennium Golf Discs (collector items and other signature edition items excluded). Use Gregg’s coupon code on your purchase from to further support the Champ

Calvin Heimburg – 2019 PDGA Tour Series Champion — Millennium has just recently launched a Limited Edition Quantum Lunar Draco that directly benefits Calvin.  This item is currently only available at, but stay tuned for a forthcoming release of his stock signature edition Draco.

Chris Farnham – Long time Team Millennium member, and reigning TX State Champion — Everyone from TX knows that Chris can bomb.  And one of his favorite discs is the Sirius Quasar.  Through the whole month of April, every wholesale or retail purchase of the Sirius Quasar will directly benefit our big gun from TX.

Gatekeeper Media – Team Millennium and our official media partner — If you like disc golf and you like to watch disc golf, you know (or should know) Gatekeeper Media. As the official chase card media partner of the PDGA Tour, Co-Founders Derek and Chris just quit their day-jobs in order to commit full-time to bringing disc golf coverage and content to the disc golf community.  Let’s show them support and appreciation. Most importantly, throw them a follow on their YouTube channel for some great content, but also, every purchase of their Limited Edition Sirius Splatter JLS directly benefits our partners at Gatekeeper Media.




Hyzerbomb Discs under new ownership

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Millennium Golf Discs has been powering Hyzerbomb Discs since 2013, and is now the sole owner and operator of the brand.  Millennium will continue to build the Hyzerbomb Discs brand through the manufacturing and distribution of quality golf discs and helping to support touring pros through tour series and signature series disc models.
For dealers and wholesale orders, all Millennium products and Hyzerbomb products can be ordered from our standardized order form, and for individual retail disc purchases, you can find Millennium and Hyzerbomb discs at our network of quality disc golf retailers in addition to, and  Millennium looks forward to offering our customers a single-source destination for both Millennium and Hyzerbomb discs out of our warehouse in central Kansas.  For further interest or assistance with any orders, please contact Millennium Golf Discs at [email protected].