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Quantum Vela Launch

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Millennium is excited to announce the launch of the highly anticipated, second run Vela. Calvin Heimburg’s new signature edition fairway driver will be released in stock-stamped Quantum plastic first, followed by a forthcoming release in Limited Edition Helio plastic.

The Quantum Vela launches Tuesday, May 23. It will be available on the Millennium Pro Shop, and available for wholesale ordering for dealers. Limited quantities of blank Quantum Vela are immediately available for approved fundraising and sponsorship custom-stamping purposes.

For customers who were involved in the fabled “Wonky Top” First Contact release — shipments are dropping this week for customers who opted for a replacement for their original Q Velas (Helio replacements are forthcoming). Customers who opted for rebate coupon codes can feel free to use their coupon codes through our pro shop once the Q Vela goes live. For any questions, please feel free to contact us at [email protected].
We’re excited to see these fly down a fairway near you!

First Contact Vela: Update

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Following the release of a limited quantity of first contact Velas, we are now aware of production issues in some of the discs that have been released to customers. We have options for those seeking a solution.

The “First Contact” inventory of the Helio and Quantum Vela was a small portion of the first run. It was released and available in two ways: from inventory that was delivered to Millennium at the Las Vegas Challenge and vending at the event, and another small quantity that was shipped to Millennium during the tournament and released through our online pro shop. Online orders were made available and taken prior to the receipt of the product at our warehouse. In both cases, inventory was immediately released and sold to our customers at LVC and online, which is how this issue initially went undetected. At this time, all remaining first run Velas are being reviewed and may be re-released upon evaluation.

The production issue at hand is a result of a flat-topping process. In a portion of the discs released, there is an off-center impression from the flat-topping process that renders one side of the disc’s top very flat, and the opposite side of the disc’s top with a slight shoulder. While most easily noticed by touch/grip, a crescent-like impression can be seen on some of the disc’s top, and in some cases a slight slant can be seen when looking at the profile of the disc. This is a rare production result within the limited quantity of Velas released for the First Contact, but we understand customers who may not be satisfied with the result of the product that they may have received.

For customers that received product in this condition and are unsatisfied with their purchase, we have some options to offer. Verified purchases made directly from Millennium will be provided with options for a rebate, a coupon against a future order, or a return/refund.
Please contact us at [email protected], attach a picture identifying this production issue on your disc(s), and include your order number in your email.

All other first run Vela are still in QC protocols and will be released in the near future after receipt at our warehouse. Until then, thank you for the support and excitement from our First Contact customers and fans.

First Contact Vela

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The Vela is Millennium’s newest fairway driver and the next signature Millennium model in the bag for Calvin Heimburg. It’s more stable than the JLS without being so stable that it isn’t user friendly. The Vela is the perfect balance of power and finesse. The flight numbers on the Quantum Vela will be ~7 | 4 | -1.5 | 2 with the Helio version checking in at ~7 | 4 | -0.5 | 3. Throwers of the Original FD2 or Eagle should definitely try this disc out.

Coming Soon: Helio

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Millennium Golf Discs has multiple models releasing soon in our new beautiful Sirius plastic blend called “Helio.” Each model will be released on our Pro Shop, and will also be utilized as fundraiser and Limited Edition variations, making these first runs a sure collector’s item.

Helio discs are a strikingly colorful, shimmery Sirius plastic blend that bursts from the center of the disc. The colorful outer rim and heliocentric appearance of the discs resemble the sun, or a distant star on the backdrop of a colorful galaxy.

Keep an eye on our Pro Shop for forthcoming releases, and drops from our select fundraising initiatives.

Play Smart. Keep it Simple. Throw Millennium.

First Contact Solstice Now Available

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The Millennium Solstice is a flat-top, overstable midrange driver. For faster arms it will glide straight with a reliable fade, for slower arms it will be an overstable mid that you can smash on. It holds up to torque really well, giving you the comfort to throw it on forehands and power hyzers without fear of it flipping. The Solstice has a mix of stability and glide that make this disc more versatile than most overstable midranges on the market. It can face stiff winds, offers controlled hyzer lines, and smooth, touch sidearm shots, all with a predictable fade. The Solstice comes in both our DT Plastic (baseline) and Quantum Plastic (most durable & most stable).

In our DT plastic this midrange will wear into that workable mid you have been looking for and in Quantum plastic the Solstice will be the overstable, predictable workhorse that you need in your bag.

Speed 5, Glide 4, Turn 0, Fade 3

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