Team Millennium

Gold Sponsorship

Our highest level of sponsorship is for professional-rated disc golfers who compete in PDGA events around the country and the world while also activating the Millennium brand within their community through tournaments, clinics and other events.

Silver Sponsorship

This sponsorship is for competitive disc golfers who represent Millennium in a high volume of sanctioned events throughout the year, while also representing the brand off the course throughout their local disc golf community. The Silver team is comprised of “Millennium experts” who have a thorough understanding of the brand and the products, and are able to advocate on behalf of the brand with class, respect and professionalism.

  • Chip Adams

    Jackson, NJ
  • Russel Burns

    Springfield, MO
  • Tommy Agent

    Jenks, OK
  • Darren Bottom

    Little River, KS
  • Joe Mega Halcolm

    McHenry, IL
  • Daniel Martinez

    Flat Rock, NC
  • Collin Ferguson

    Tupelo, MS
  • John Luetzow

    Watertown, WI
  • Joseph Javins

    Burlington, KY
  • Ryan Bretell

    Nashville, TN
  • James Kiefer

    Valrico, FL
  • Kevin Kiefer

    Valrico, FL
  • Cam Kiefer

    Valrico, FL
  • Beier Kiefer

    Valrico, FL
  • Steven Sinclair

    Tampa, FL
  • Derek Scull

    Philadelphia, PA
  • Chris German

    Philadelphia, PA
  • Yuri Zelentsov

    Oslo, Norway
  • Andreas Krakenes

    Volda, Norway
  • Jesse Diller

    Cedarville, OH
  • Kody Larson

    St. Petersburg, FL
  • Taylor Lupton

    Sioux Falls, SD
  • Tyler Taylor

    Winston-Salem, NC
  • Jessica Beckett

    Waldo, ME
  • William "Liam" Stott

    Portland, OR
  • Chase Pruitt

    The Woodlands, TX
  • Brady Delhomme

    Lafayette, LA
  • Terry Sutton

    Yuba City, CA
  • Baker Helton

    San Antonio, TX
  • Nate Taylor

    Valley Center, KS
  • Kirk Trevena

    Conroe, TX
  • Hali Torres

    Conroe, TX
  • Kati Word

    Edmond, OK
  • Travis Corporon

    Rogers, AR
  • DJ Wix

    Castalin Springs, TN

The Millennium Family

As a family owned and operated business, this sponsorship level is for those whom are as passionate and enthusiastic about Millennium as we are, but whom might not have the bandwidth to compete in a high volume of events throughout the year. This team is full of the dedicated Millennium advocates whom act as an extension of our brand in the disc golf communities in which they live.

  • Thomas Elm
  • Lonnie Kitchen
  • Ben Nispel
  • Cal Patton
  • Steven Sinclair
  • Trevor Murphy
  • Eddie Wooters
  • Chris Derosier
  • Taylor Pennington
  • Adam Johnson
  • Alan Fox
  • Erick Simonds
  • Michael Clark
  • Kevin Schmaltz
  • Justo Hinojosa
  • Stanely Mindiola
  • Chris Kuhlman
  • Dusty Nadeau
  • Connor Brooks
  • Justin Huff
  • Tyrell Peters
  • Dave Chansler