Team Millennium

Tour Team

The Millennium Tour Team is composed of up-and-coming pros, regularly touring throughout the country competing in multiple DGPT and Major events. Look for them on video coverage throughout the season, and how they play smart and keep it simple throwing Millennium Golf Discs on the biggest stages in disc golf.

Gold Sponsorship

Our highest level of sponsorship is for professional-rated disc golfers who compete in PDGA events around the country and the world while also activating the Millennium brand within their community through tournaments, clinics and other events.

Silver Sponsorship

This sponsorship is for competitive disc golfers who represent Millennium in a high volume of sanctioned events throughout the year, while also representing the brand off the course throughout their local disc golf community. The Silver team is comprised of “Millennium experts” who have a thorough understanding of the brand and the products, and are able to advocate on behalf of the brand with class, respect and professionalism.

  • Andrew Bell
  • Bradley Levendosky
  • Brandon New
  • Darren Bottom
  • Darren Eck
  • DJ Wix
  • Evan Reser
  • Jared Ink
  • Jeffrey Bradshaw
  • Jesse Diller
  • Jessica Beckett
  • Joe Halcom
  • Jonathan Bo-O
  • Jordan Silvernail
  • Kirk Trevena
  • Kyle Holt
  • Landon Clark
  • Liam Stott
  • Maegan Kaminsky
  • Michelle Frazer
  • Nate Taylor
  • Parker Austin
  • Randy D. Beers
  • Russel Burns
  • Skyler Mantey
  • Tad Carlson
  • Tate Galloway
  • Thomas Elm
  • Zachary Asebedo

Euro Team

  • Markku Kivelä
  • Timo Kantelinen
  • Yury Zelentsov

Masters & Legends

  • Eric Marx
  • Tommy Agent
  • John Roundhouse Luetzow
  • Brian Caudle

Junior Team

  • Rylan Haag