Tournament Sponsorship

THANK YOU for your interest in organizing a disc golf event in your area! It’s people like you who have made this sport what it is today and will continue to take it where it’s going. It is our pleasure to help you along the way.

Millennium Golf Discs is proud to support disc golf events worldwide. It doesn’t matter whether your event is PDGA-sanctioned, just for fun, or for fundraising – we’re happy to support you and disc golf in your area. We offer our premium plastic at discounted Sponsorship Level pricing, and we’re also able to customize discs for your tournament with hot stamps or full color graphics.

Based on your order we’ll add one of our great sponsorship packages to help support your event. You can use these sponsorship-package-items in your player packs, as prizes or sell them to help raise funds.

Have a look and when you’re ready to order or have any questions, contact us at [email protected] or 785-366-6684.

Requests must be submitted at least 2 weeks before event, 4 weeks for custom art discs.

In return of sponsorship, we ask that Millennium Golf Discs be named the presenting sponsor of your event and included within your promotions. Please use our logo and (link where applicable) on all of your event promotions such as fliers, social media, advertisements, websites, merchandise, etc.

A Millennium vinyl banner will be provided upon request – please display publicly at the event site.


Your sponsorship tier will be assigned based on your qualifying purchase price (below). The values of each sponsorship package are valued at retail price and the merchandise within the packages can be modified upon request to better fit your needs. Items below are for example and are subject to availability.

Tier 1 – $200 Tier 2 – $400 Tier 3 – $640 Tier 4 – $860
4 Umbrellas ($150) 4 Umbrellas ($150) 4 Umbrellas ($150)
2 hats ($30) 2 hats ($30) 2 hats ($30) 4 hats ($60)
25 koozies ($50) 25 koozies ($50) 75 koozies ($150) 100 koozies ($200)
25 minis/openers ($50) 25 minis ($56.25) 75 minis ($168.75) 100 minis ($225)
2 t-shirts ($30) 2 t-shirts ($30) 2 t-shirts ($30) 4 t-shirts ($60)
4 towels ($44) 4 towels ($44) 4 towels ($44) 5 towels ($55)
2 dri-fits ($40) 4 dri-fits ($60)


To qualify for one of these sponsorship packages, you must meet the “Qualifying Purchase” price on your disc order indicated in the table below. Costs of custom hot stamp or M-color cannot be applied towards qualifying purchase price.

Sponsorship Package Package Retail Value Qualifying Purchase
Tier 1 $200 $400
Tier 2 $400 $800
Tier 3 $640 $1200
Tier 4 $860 $1600



Plastic 50-99 discs 100-199 discs 200+ discs
Millennium -Standard $8.25 $8.00 Call for pricing
Quantum $10.25 $10.00 Call for pricing
Sirius $10.75 $10.50 Call for pricing


Kick it up a notch and give your event participants something to remember by customizing our discs with hot stamps or M-Color graphics.

  • Custom Hot Stamp
    Minimum of 50 discs
    Minimum 25 discs per model
    $80 one-time stamp engraving fee for new art
    $20 set up fee
    .10 per disc stamping fee
  • Custom M-Color – Minimum of 25 Discs
    Available on limited models of Millennium Standard and Sirius Plastic.
    +$3.75 per disc which usually is cost effective for orders smaller than 50 because there is no die, set up or stamping fee
    Full color ranges available, prints cover most of the top of disc, very little artwork requirements


Looking to add more to your Player Packages, prizes and/or sales?
Add any of these items to your order to sweeten the deal even more for your event participants.

  • Bottle Openers $1
  • Koozies $1
  • Minis $1.50
  • Towels $8
  • T-shirts $8
  • Performance Tees $11


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