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First Run Falcon Stock Released

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The First Run Sirius Falcon and Millennium Standard Falcon are set to soar to dealers and players everywhere.

Order now for wholesale and retail orders.

Players have loved this variation of our popular Scorpius. With more glide than the Scorpius and the same trusty fade finish, the Test Flight of the Falcon helped make this an instant bag addition with even longer distances.

Read more about the Falcon here
Speed 13, Glide 5, Turn -2, Fade 2

First Run Falcon is ready to fly!

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The PDGA has approved, and the Falcon is ready to take flight. A small batch of first run Falcons has been made available to order, and is shipping now to our dealers. The Peregrine Falcon, namesake of a star in the Aquila constellation, is known as the fastest animal on earth when doing its signature hunting dive. At speed 13, this Falcon is also extremely fast! This disc is an ultra-long-range driver that will carve up fairways long and wide. The Falcon is similar to our popular Scorpius but faster with slightly less high-speed stability. A solid turn will launch the Falcon into a ground-eating glide that, when paired with its aerodynamic wing give this disc outstanding distance. The low speed fade is reminiscent of the Scorpius which makes this disc’s finish very dependable into all but the staunchest of headwinds.

The Falcon is available in Sirius and standard Millennium plastics. A full stock release of the first run Falcon is forthcoming.

Dealers can order here:

Gregg Barsby and Millennium Release Commemorative Edition Scorpius

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The Scorpius has been Gregg Barsby’s go-to distance driver for years, and it has played a part in his ascent to the top of the disc golf world. Over the years, his versatility, distance and control with the Scorpius on the National Tour has helped it grow from a hidden gem into one of Millennium’s most popular discs. In celebration of his 2018 World Championship, Gregg Barsby and Millennium have collaborated to release a Commemorative Edition Lunar Quantum Scorpius. This limited edition Scorpius was originally put in his hands after Worlds to test, and it quickly found a way into Gregg’s competitive bag through his stretch of the USDGC, Hall of Fame Classic and Pro Tour Championship. The Commemorative Edition Lunar Quantum Scorpius is available through exclusive retail sites with a portion of every sale going directly to the Champ. You can find them at the proshop,, and through Millennium’s fulfillment from Don’t miss your chance to be a part of his celebration and see why this disc helped Gregg win the 2018 World Championship.

Also, be sure to follow Millennium Golf Discs on facebook, for more upcoming product announcements and a series of Gregg Barsby Scorpius video content from Millennium’s media partner, Gatekeeper Media.

Three First Run Discs to Release for Am Worlds

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Millennium Golf Discs is celebrating Am Worlds with the release of three First Run discs. The Quantum Taurus, the Quantum EXP X-Wing, and the 2.1 DT Omega Driver. All models are available now for wholesale orders, and dealer website and retail sales are to release as soon as July 19th. Millennium Golf Discs will be at Am Worlds and will have all models, along with the rest of our line, available at the Flymart.

First Run Quantum Taurus


The Taurus is an overstable mid-range disc that fits a perfect middle ground between Millennium’s classic mids: the Aurora MS and Sentinel. This disc is a beefy, wide diameter, torque-resistant bull, just like the constellation it’s named after. This beaded, power mid will sustain lines without turnover and it always finishes strong. Players will depend on this beast’s predictable fade and trust its control in a headwind.

First Run Quantum EXP X-Wing


The EXP started as an experimental driver in an attempt to give players more speed and harder fade than the trusty Polaris and JLS drivers. The result of this experiment is a power fairway driver that will handle any wind condition. It’s overstable nature makes it an excellent choice for both sidearm and backhand shots that need a sure fade. The EXP is now available with an X-wing configuration for the first time in Quantum/Luster plastic.

The QEXP is also available in blanks for tournament and fundraiser stamping purposes.

2.1 DT Omega Driver


The original “Call John” Omega driving putter has received a modern-day face lift. The classic microbead Omega putter is now available with a flat (3) top which gives the Omega Driver faster speed, more distance and fade than the tried and true original Omega – making it a great option off the tee. The Omega Driver is designed for short to mid range aggressive drives and upshots and the microbead touch will give players more confidence in the circle during windy putts.

The 2.1 Omega Driver is available in a bottom-stamped DT plastic, and available for tournament stamping, and custom disc golf stamps.

Taurus is approved!

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The PDGA has approved our new overstable Mid, the Quantum Taurus.

The first run Taurus has built popularity through availablility as a tournament and fundraiser disc and is now being released as a stock item, sporting the a Millennium bar stamp.

Here’s the PDGA announcement, and stand by for release details soon to follow!