Limited Edition Echo Sirius Scorpius

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Our best-selling Scorpius is available for a limited release in Echo Sirius plastic.

Players love the Millennium Scorpius…and they also love it in variations of plastic, and that’s exactly why we’ve done a small run of Scorpius in Echo Sirius plastic.  As part of our “Keep it Simple” mantra, this run of will offer Scorpius throwers the ability to stock their bag with the mold they love in a high-performance plastic that delivers a bit more durability than it’s Millennium plastic counterpart, and a slight variation in grip and firmness of the disc in hand compared to the Sirius Scorp.

Echo Sirius is the utilizes Innova’s reprocessed plastic method.  This plastic is blended from high-quality recycled plastic with a minimum of 50% pre-consumer waste plastic. This process delivers a high performing plastic with greater durability than Millennium (pro) plastic and a superior grip like our traditional Sirius plastic.

This run of Scorpius is currently available featuring our “mini scorp” hot stamp, and will remain limited in release for pre-approved fundraiser and sponsorship opportunities in the near future. Get yours today from our pro shop while supplies last.