Introducing the new Omega 4

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The Omega 4 is now available in Color Lunar DT and firm ET plastic
At Millennium, Omega is synonymous with “putter,” and the Omega 4 is the exciting 4th variation of our classic and most-sold Omega putt and approach disc. The Omega 4 is available for dealer wholesale orders and for online shopping starting January 18th, 2021.

The Omega 4 is a putt & approach disc that pros and players of all skill levels will love. It has a thicker nose and a blunt, beadless rim compared to our classic Omega. This configuration promotes a smooth release and gives the disc more stability for longer putt & approach shots, even in windy conditions. If you like the P2 or the Firefly, this disc is one you’ll want to try out.

Speed 2, Glide 3, Turn 0, Fade 1

The Omega 4 is being released in Color Lunar DT plastic as well as a more firm version of ET plastic for that great, tacky grip and torque resistance.
Both Omega 4’s are released with a special “First Contact” stamp celebrating the first run release of this new mold.

Download the Millennium Flight Chart updated with the Omega 4, shop now, or order here.