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Coming Soon: Helio

Millennium Golf Discs has multiple models releasing soon in our new beautiful Sirius plastic blend called “Helio.” Each model will be released on our Pro Shop, and will also be utilized as fundraiser and Limited Edition variations, making these first runs a sure collector’s item. Helio discs are a strikingly colorful, shimmery Sirius plastic blend […]

First Contact Solstice Now Available

The Millennium Solstice is a flat-top, overstable midrange driver. For faster arms it will glide straight with a reliable fade, for slower arms it will be an overstable mid that you can smash on. It holds up to torque really well, giving you the comfort to throw it on forehands and power hyzers without fear […]

Limited Edition Echo Sirius Scorpius

Our best-selling Scorpius is available for a limited release in Echo Sirius plastic. Players love the Millennium Scorpius…and they also love it in variations of plastic, and that’s exactly why we’ve done a small run of Scorpius in Echo Sirius plastic.  As part of our “Keep it Simple” mantra, this run of will offer Scorpius […]

About Us

Welcome to the official website of Millennium Golf Discs. Here you will find information on the products we offer, how to become a dealer, sponsored events, new product updates, and details about the company.

Millennium offers a complete line of premium golf discs and bags designed to give you everything you need out on the course without over-complicating things. From beginners learning to dial in and throw for distance, to elite professionals elevating their performance, Millennium has been focused on helping golfers take control of their game for decades. We offer our simple, but complete line of golf discs in three primary grades of plastic: Millennium Standard, Quantum, and Sirius. Look for our discs at all quality disc golf retailers. If you have questions about anything, please send us a message in our "Contact Us" section. We’d love to help.

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