The Millennium Experimental Series

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As Millennium seeks to grow our line of premium golf discs, we are launching a new initiative called the “Experimental Series.” It’s a new twist on the manufacturing game for Millennium, as we look to bring un-released molds and configurations to the market.

A great American poet once said, “You can’t really know where you are going until you know where you have been,” and this initiative is inspired by the original “Call John” Experimental Omega. For those not in the know, it was an experimental Omega putter released in the late 1990’s, proudly hot-stamped with the Co-Founder of Millennium’s phone number on it. John Houck simply wanted to know what players thought of the disc before moving into regular production. So just like the “Call John” Omega, the goals of the Experimental Series are simple – to listen to our fans, and to grow our line with discs that help disc golfers play smart and keep it simple.

Since 1995, Millennium has grown its line-up of products through proprietary models, as well as variations to existing products through our molding partner, Innova Champion Discs. As we continue to expand our lineup we’re going to “play smart” and experiment our way in. Here’s how it will work:

  • Products released within the Experimental Series are exactly what the name implies – an experiment.
  • Each run will be an extremely limited run of new, un-released molding configurations. Runs will also include the natural occurrence of X-outs.
  • The runs will limit variables and keep the experiment as controlled as possible: each run will be in a single color, in a single premium plastic type.
  • They’ll be PDGA approved and accessible through the online Millennium Pro Shop.
  • Each release will be numbered in succession (ex: ES1, ES2, ES3, etc).
  • Users of the discs will be encouraged to provide their feedback on the disc via a survey.
  • Millennium will gauge user feedback as well as sales traction to inform whether or not an ES model will be further released. This decision will be made at the sole discretion of Millennium and will also consider other implications on the production and business side.
  • If it’s further released, it will be named, re-PDGA approved and launched within the line.
  • If it’s not, then fans have a highly collectible relic of disc golf science.

We hope that you’ll join the experiment, and provide us with the stress-testing, shot-styling, description-crafting feedback we’ll need to consider if we opt to add a new disc to our line.

Throw Millennium.