Lauren Butler

Otsego MN

I have been playing disc golf for over 10 years. Since 2015 I have been traveling the US in a van with my partner “Livin’ the Dream” and following disc golf events. In 2018, I won FPO Rookie of the Year for the PDGA! While traveling to compete, I also run a small business called Dream Disc Golf Company. I handcraft tie dyes and resin art such as minis, bag tags, and trophies that are available in person or online! While we are traveling, Dream Disc Golf hosts Kids and Beginner Clinics as well as PDGA sanctioned events across the country through out the year.

Favorite Millennium Discs:
Polaris – one of my favorite discs in the line up. It hyzer flips to flat with such precision, it’s a great disc for experts hitting lines in the woods or for beginner just starting to get some speed on their release! If I’m ever in doubt about what to throw, I always choose my Polaris. It does the same thing every time!

Draco – it’s a staple in my bag, won’t leave home without it! It’s comfortable in the hand and I can push it nearly max distance before it stables up! It never fails me in the wind and is always close to smashing chains, I even snagged a $1000 ace with it this winter!

Scorpius – it is my go to distance driver; hyzers, hyzer flip to flat, anhyzers.. the Scorpius does it all! I love how it will follow any angle I put it on it on until it inevitably stables out at maximum distance!

Aurora MS – the best midrange I have ever thrown. When I found Millennium I immediately fell in love with this disc. It feels exactly how a frisbee should in my hands. I have never experienced a mid range that can take so much speed and spin and still fly perfectly straight like this, it is astonishing. I love grabbing just my Aurora and wandering through a new course as I figure out the lines!

You can follow my disc golf and van travels online by following
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