Alexander Berg

Otsego MN

I’ve been playing disc golf since 2012 and started taking it more serious around 2015. I have been traveling around the U.S. and playing in events, running events, and having beginner/kids clinics with my partner, Lauren Butler out of our van since 2016.

Favorite Millennium Discs:
Omega4 – my go to putter and throwing/approach putter

Aurora – for straight line or longer distance midrange shots

Taurus – for stable to overstable midrange shots mainly hyzers

Polaris – for straight shots and when I don’t think I can reach it with the Aurora I’ll throw the Polaris

Draco – my hyzer line overstable fairway driver, works great for forced power shots and has a reliable finish

Orion LF – great for my forehand and more powerful backhand throws with a great reliable fade at the end

Learn more about me:
IG @alexplaysdg
IG @dreamdiscgolf
FB @dreamdiscgolf