John Luetzow

Watertown, WI

I fell in love with Disc Golf in 1995 officially, but I loved the sport even back in grade school as Frisbee Golf was my absolute favorite game to play at Summer Camp in the mid 80’s!! In 2002 I formed the Rock River Disc Club, designed a course at my parent’s farm, and hosted my very first tournament to start raising funds to build a course at the public park in Watertown, WI, my hometown. In 2005, we opened up the front 9 holes of Rock River Disc Golf Course at Brandt/Quirk Park here in Watertown, which now has a total of 21 challenging holes and is the home of multiple events every year.

In 2007, John Houck, Founder of Millennium Golf Discs, invited me to represent the Millennium brand and family, and I proudly show that honor in every aspect I can in my disc golf career! I am proud to be one of the longest standing team members of Millennium Golf Discs! 2012 saw the founding of my company, I Fling Plastic, as my way to promote and grow Disc Golf in my local community as well as around the world! #playlocalthinkglobal is the hashtag I strive to live by and conduct my business after!

I host an age protected event, The Midwest Masters, along with other sanctioned and non-sanctioned events. In 2018, I was honored to be 1 of the 2 Tournament Directors, along with Yohannes Desalegn of Assosa, Ethiopia, for the very first PDGA sanctioned event on the continent of Africa – The 2018 Ethiopian Open. I went back to Ethiopia in 2019 and 2020 as the Tournament Director with Yohannes. In 2023, I helped Kevin Becker of The Reserve at Rimpa Estates Wildlife Conservancy in Kiserian, Kenya, as the Tournament Director along with Kevin for the very first tournament in Kenya – The 2023 Kenya Open! That was in January of 2023, and in September of 2023 I joined with Eagles Wings Disc Golf and was one of the Tournament Directors to assist in running the very first tournament ever in the small country of Montenegro! That is 3 countries I have been the Tournament Director for their very first events! I just recently returned from hosting the Kenya Open 2024, the follow up event to last year’s inaugural event. I look forward to seeing the growth in Africa as we work on new programs there and we #growthesportdiscgolf in new countries and to new children. Seeing the smiles on their faces as they learn a new sport is truly rewarding!!

Favorite Millennium Discs:
Quantum Gummy Lunar Aurora MS – I was granted the First Release to do as a fundraiser for my 2019 Ethiopia trip and it was a huge success. That is still one of the most coveted discs from Millennium!

Orion LF – my favorite driver to throw

Omega SuperSoft – the first disc I used by Millennium back in 1999 and still use for EVERY putt

CE-JLS Test Run of 2000 – is my favorite disc to collect, of which I have 54 in my possession currently, and one that I bag each season when the weather is warmer!