Eric Marx

Swannanoa, NC

I got into disc sports by winning the inaugural National College Frisbee Tournament in 1977. I played in the World Frisbee championships for years. Disc golf came from that for me. I had my first disc golf experience playing in a series qualifying (for the Frisbee Worlds) tournament in Chicago in 1978. My tournament highlights include winning the Masters World Championships in 1992, two 2nd place finishes in the Open World Championships, 4 other top ten World finishes in various open divisions and eighth in the Wham-O $50,000 tournament in 1979. I was inducted into the PDGA International Hall of Fame in 2019. I was inducted into the Texas Disc Golf Hall of Fame in 2018. I live in Swannanoa which is just a disc throw from Asheville NC with my incredibly wonderful and supportive partner Laurie. And I have fantastic son living nearby who plays some disc golf with me and can throw a mile. If he didn’t have so many interests, I would have loved to how he would have done as a disc golf competitor. Also, my niece is Lexi Marx who is going pro this year and VERY talented.

Favorite Millennium Discs:
Quantum Aurora MS – Although I love the Supersoft putters my favorite Millennium disc is still the Aurora QMS in the original gummy plastic. I honestly believe that is the best disc golf disc ever made – still. I’m been throwing the same disc for years. They are extremely durable and extremely reliable.