Commemorative Edition 40th Run Omega SuperSoft Available

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The 40th Run of the Classic Omega SuperSoft Available Now.

To us, reaching the 40th production run is pretty special. The Omega SuperSoft putter is the first of our models to do so, and we found it deserving of its own commemorative hotstamp. We were excited to work on the stamp with renowned disc golf artist, John Dorn, and very happy with how it turned out. The Omega SuperSoft is one of the most popular putters of all-time, thrown by both beginners and champions. Join us in celebrating this benchmark occasion by getting one for yourself. But do so quickly while they’re available, because you will not see this hotstamp on any of the future runs!

Did you know? Ever wonder what the numbers on Millennium Golf Discs stands for? We number each of our runs and label them on the face of all of our discs (with a few minor exceptions). The manufacturing process has many variables which can affect the outcome of the final product, and because of this we label the run numbers on our discs as a courtesy to players. In doing this, a large following of collectors and fans has grown over the years, and certain run numbers have garnered some rather large cult followings.

How to read a run number: on the face of most Millennium discs, you’ll find a number that looks like this, “1.20.” The “1” stands for “first mold” of a disc, and the “20” stands for “20th run.” If and when a mold is modified, it would change to “2” which stands for “2nd variation of a mold.” Example: The Omega Big Bead is a variation of the Omega mold, so on all Omega Big Beads you’ll see run numbers represented as “2.x.”