USDGC Champion Steve Brinster Joins Millennium Golf Discs

USDGC Champion Steve Brinster Joins Millennium Golf Discs



We are excited to announce that current USDGC Champion, Steve Brinster, is rejoining the Millennium family.  Steve threw for Millennium earlier in his career and grew accustomed to our molds and plastics.  So much that many of our discs are still in his bag and are an integral part of his consistent championship-caliber performance.  Today, he joins our team again with a relationship that works alongside his primary sponsorship with Innova. 

We plan to work with Steve on product development and testing, along with other marketing efforts.  But perhaps the most exciting work with him has already begun.  We have recently started collaborating with Steve to produce a special edition Quantum Sentinel to commemorate his 2013 USDGC win.  While the Q-Sentinel is not a widely popular disc in the Millennium line, it’s perhaps Steve’s most reliable go-to midrange in his bag, and we hope that this special edition run will help bring more visibility to this trustworthy Midrange Fade disc.   Beyond that we feel that Steve brings instant credibility to the quality of our discs and our brand. 

While we are extremely impressed with Steve’s win at the USDGC, our desire to bring him back to Millennium far exceeds his performance in competition.  Steve is truly one of the sport’s elite ambassadors.  He has done more for the sport than almost any touring professional.  He has installed a dozen courses throughout the NY/NJ area.  Three of which have been used as National Tour locations, including his home course, Warwick.  Years ago he also started one of the strongest clubs in the Northeast, the Skyland Flying Disc Club.  He acted as the chairman for 10+ years and currently still serves on the Board of Directors.    

Though at the very bottom of it all, Steve’s character is what speaks the loudest to us.  He’s professional, influential, a caring father and husband, and a positive role model any disc golfer can look up to.  He aligns with our personal convictions, has tremendous knowledge and respect for our company, and he has a love for disc golf with a proven dedication to its growth.  We couldn’t be more proud to have him represent our brand and this sport.  We are looking forward to big things this season, and beyond.

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