RESULTS: Taylor Park Millennium Challenge

RESULTS: Taylor Park Millennium Challenge


Ninety one players filled the beautiful John S. Taylor Park in Largo, FL Sunday for the first Millennium Challenge event of its kind.  There were 11 females and 31 recreational players present, making it the largest turn-out in both divisions over the coarse of Taylor Park's tournament history.  In addition, Open, Advanced, and Intermediate divisions made for an exciting morning of disc golf, with a bonus round of random doubles to finish off the day.  For more information on the format of the tournament, you can Click Here.

A special thanks goes out to the Mark Bailey and the Taylor Park Disc Golf Club for their support and providing such a beautiful and well maintained facility.  Also, thanks to the club for providing all players with a free lunch prepared by Mark Weber of "Your" Pizza Shop.  Thank you to Wendy and Joe of the Clearwater Disc Golf Store for being the on-site retailer.

Singles RESULTS:


1.) Jack Hicks: 51 (Tie-Breaker)

2.) John Lorentzen: 51



1.) Caleb Harbison: 50

2.) Justin Leigh: 53 (Tie-Breaker)

3.) Mike Blue: 53

4.) Rich Nelson: 53


Advanced Women's

1.) Jamie Adams: 58

2.) Candy Roque: 59

3.) Renee Sargent: 63



1.) Tommy McLean: 52

2.) Justin Merkle: 56

3.) Trevor Toenjes: 57



1.) Tod Cronk: 54

2.) Brian Ladrig: 56

3.) Christopher Lamerson: 58


Women's Recreational

1.) Natalie Killebrew: 72

2.) Raylena Cather: 76

3.) Anita Morales: 79



1.) Nick Pierce: 64

2.) Zac Drain: 73


Junior Women's

1.) Hanna Drain: 74


Doubles RESULTS:


1.) Vince Carter/John C: 45

2.) John Lorentzen/Nick Pierce: 46

3.) Aaron Cronk/Caleb Harbison: 47

4.) Brody Roberts/Ned Vahsholtz: 48

5.) Scott Johnson/Greg Saccasyn:48




Hole #3: Recreational CTP David McTigue

Hole #6: Intermediate CTP Tommy McLean

Hole #7: Rec Women CTP Deanna Lutz

Hole #9: Junior CTP Anthony Edwards

Hole #10: All Divisions Long Drive: Christopher Lamerson (Rec.)

Hole #15: Open CTP John Lorentzen

Hole # 17: Advanced Women CTP Candy Roque

Hole #18 Advanced Men CTP Rich Nelson




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