Millennium Astra X

Overstable Long Range Driver

The Quantum Astra-X is a slight variation of our original Quantum Astra. With a beefier rim feel, this disc behaves far differently than the original. It is hands down the most overstable disc we have in our line up right now. The fade on this disc is incredible. Not recommended for beginning players due to the heavy fade at the end of its flight. Strong and fast throwing amateurs and professionals will find this disc suitable for against-the-wind shots and areas where a dependable fade is desired.

The Quantum Astra-X is a Limited Edition model that will not be replicated. They are differentiated from the originals with a sticker that says, “Limited Edition Variation with Xtra Overstability.”

Made with crystal clear “Jolly Launcher” Quantum plastic, this disc is sure to stand up to the hardest beatings.

Available in weights 160-175 grams.

Disc flight path

Available Plastics