Millennium Aries

Understable Long Range Driver

The Sirius Aries is a moderately high speed (11) Long Range Turn Driver suitable for all skill levels. Beginners will find that it exhibits enough glide in order to increase their distances, and experienced players will find that it is great for tailwind shots where a long sustainable turn is needed. It’s best for shots where a long turnover flight path is desired, with a smooth glide throughout, and a slight fade to finish. Not recommended for against the wind shots. Ultra strong throwers might find it to be a great back handed roller disc.

Available in Sirius plastic, our highest quality material built for a supreme combination of grip and durability.

  • PDGA Approved
  • Long Range Driver
  • Easy for beginners to throw
  • Experienced players will find it to be a great specialty driver and/or roller
  • High Speed (11), Long Glide, Long Turn, with a Fade finish on lower speed throws
Disc flight path

Available Plastics