About Millennium Run Numbers

We know that both the game of golf and manufacturing of golf discs is a balance of imperfection. Golf is a game of precision, control, and overcoming obstacles. In the manufacturing of discs, there are scores of variables that can impact the result of the end product. While this is an every-day reality, Millennium is the only brand bold enough to admit and embrace this reality. This is why Millennium Golf Discs stamps nearly all of its golf discs with a number that represents the tooling of the mold and the run number. This number helps golfers identify distinction between runs, and in some cases, these differences can create nuance variations in the feel or performance of the models. This can be especially beneficial to help create consistency in a golfer’s game by throwing a single mold with different run numbers that help them create slightly different shot lines.

How Run Numbers Work

The run number is a two-number formula. The first number indicates the version of the mold configuration. Example: “1” means it’s the first and original tooling of the mold. A “2” means it’s the second variation of the mold. The second number simply indicates the number of runs that the tooling has produced.
Quantities vary dramatically based on the product, but this run numbering system represents a snapshot in time, and has led to many years of golfers seeking their favorite runs, and it has also developed a thriving collector community — the most welcoming and brotherly of collectors’ groups on the internet.