Millennium Plastics

Millennium Golf Discs are available in a variety of plastics: Delta-T, ET, Millennium Standard, SuperSoft, Quantum, Quantum Zero-G and Sirius plastics. Each plastic type has special characteristics associated with it, which gives player options to find the disc that is the most comfortable and works the best for them. Try all your favorite discs in each plastic type to determine which one you like the most. Use these descriptions to help you decide which type might fit your disc golfing needs.

Delta T (DT)

In precise time-keeping “Delta-T” is a measurement, and it’s also the name of Millennium’s new baseline plastic. DT offers a super-firm feel, making it the most rigid of baseline plastics on the market. Currently offered exclusively in our popular Omega molds, beginners and pros alike now have the ability to work-in a firm version of their favorite putter. DT’s combination of grip, rigidity, and affordability is what makes it truly timeless. DT was first introduced as a fundraiser disc, then as a stock disc in July 2016.

Millennium Standard

Millennium is the original premium plastic and is often referred to as our “base” or “standard” plastic. It combines precision grip and durability. Millennium plastic offers the scuff resistance required to withstand wear and tear out on the course while being offered at an affordable price.


Designed for touch, SuperSoft offers a soft, sticky and grippy feel that will not let go of the chains. It has durability that will last.


This rendition of our Millennium Standard plastic has an extra tacky feel that provides a confident grip in all weather conditions. ET plastic is durable and wears-in slowly, but what makes this plastic blend so special is that it feels like a well-seasoned disc right out of the box. With unbelievable grip and durability it’s either the best of both worlds, or from a different one entirely. ET plastic was introduced in mid 2015.


Lunar in Millennium language means GLOW-IN-THE-DARK. These Lunar models are great for night golf and when fall/winter evenings come around shortening your disc golf days. Have League nights year-round. Lunar plastic was introduced in mid 2016.


Quantum plastic is our most durable plastic providing a long life of reliable performance. It's also the most stable of all our plastics. Quantum plastic offers a smooth solid feel and an eye-catching translucent appearance. Some quantum plastics include 'Stardust' for a sparkly effect.

Quantum Zero-G

Zero-G, short for Zero-Gravity, refers to the near weightlessness of these discs. Starting with Quantum plastic, short bursts of air are injected during the molding process resulting in thousands of ultra tiny bubbles within the plastic and discs with weights as low as 130 and up to 164 grams. The amazing thing is that the discs maintain the original flight characteristics of the heavier models. Try one and effortlessly achieve your longest throws ever!


Sirius plastic is the ultimate combination of superior grip and die-hard durability. The Sirius plastic is what you want if you desire the best of both worlds. This plastic will last, and it will feel good along the way.


  • Base - comparable to Millennium Standard plastic featuring durability and excellent grip. The Hard Tank is made of this Base material.
  • Base Soft - a softer and more flexible form of the Base plastic. It is not the same as the Millennium SuperSoft material. The Soft Tank is made of this Base Soft material.
  • Recon - comparable to Millennium Quantum plastic featuring die hard durability.
  • Recon Flat Top - Recon plastic with a flatter top
  • Frontline - comparable to Millennium Sirius plastic featuring the best grip and durability combination.
  • Frontline-X - a more gummy and flexible version of the Frontline and it has a flattened top. BTW, this plastic was introduced before the Innova GStar.