Team Millennium - Silver Sponsorship

Team Millennium

Silver Sponsorship

This sponsorship supports disc golfers of both professional and amateur status.  It is for players who throw Millennium Golf Discs and serve as "ambassadors" of Millennium to their regions.

Anders Haugen

Silver Sponsorship

Bergen, Norway
Anders Haugen

Hi everyone! My name is Anders, and I'm from Bergen, Norway. I started playing discgolf in 2005, and have been working hard to improve my game ever since. I won my first Norwegian Tour tournament in 2010, and have two top 3 finishes so far in 2011. I have represented Norway in the last three European Championships, and I was also the Norwegian national representative at the 2008 USDGC.

I became a Team Millennium player in 2008, and have played exclusively with Millennium discs since then. What makes Millennium unique to me, is the quality in every single one of their discs. They may not have the biggest selection to choose from, but their line of models offers exactly all you need to play solid golf at any course and in any conditions, especially with the additions of the Astra and the Quasar! Also I would like to mention the Sentinel MF, one of my favorite discs. Its high speed, predictable fade and unique capability to keep elevation makes it one-of-a-kind!

We might not have too many courses here in Norway, but we do have some good ones among the 40+ we have. My home course in Bergen is one of my favorites, together with the courses in Arendal, Skien, Bodø, and Tønsberg. Among the courses I've played on abroad, Winthrop Gold, Wagrain (Austria), Blue Ribbon Pines (MN) and Järva (Sweden) stand out.

To play smart and to keep it simple is a good way to describe my game. I love to throw slow discs, and I use my Omegas and QMSs all the time, even off the tee. If more distance is needed, I turn to the Orion LF or the EXP1 1.7. When practicing, I mainly focus on putting, the straight shot, and the short game. To me, these three factors are the key to low scores out on the course.

Eric Marx

Silver Sponsorship

Swannanoa, NC

As well as I can remember my mother bought a Frisbee for me around the time I was 8. That would be circa 1964. I immediately fell in love with it and was a natural. I remember eventually spending large amounts of time throwing all 8 of my Frisbees across the street at a neighbors tree and then back to one of ours - essentially golfing. In the 70's I spent literally hundreds of hours playing catch with a Frisbee at college. I could have earned a couple of PHD's in all the time I spent on Frisbee. It was there, at Illinois State, that I saw a little hand written sign for a Frisbee tournament on campus. I went to the distance and accuracy event and won. That got me to a regional event and lo and behold I won that too. That lead to the final - the first national intercollegiate Frisbee tournament sponsored by Wham-O. Before I really knew what I was doing I won that too, becoming the first national college Frisbee champion in 1977. Part of my prize was a free trip out to California to watch the World Frisbee Championships. That was it, I was hooked. I started competing the next year. For several years we only had the multi-event Frisbee tournaments to attend. Then disc golf took off. Again, this was something I immediately fell in love with and had an aptitude for from the start. I've never kept record of how much I won. I know there are a lot of PDGA wins, lots of course records, state, national and world titles. I learned over the years I didn't really care if I won, just if I played well.

Rudy Martinez

Silver Sponsorship

Sinton, TX

Bio coming soon

Derek Mower

Silver Sponsorship

Colorado Springs, CO
Derek Mower

Hi, my name is Derek Mower.  Ive been playing disc golf for about 12 years now.  A friend of mine introduced me to the game and gave me a 150 class Polaris LS to get started with.  I’ve gone through a lot of discs since that time, but I love the consistency that Millennium brings to the game.  When you replace a lost disc, you’re not worried about how the new one is going to fly.  Although I’ve moved up in the weight ranges, the Polaris LS is still my go to disc.  One of my favorite things about disc golf is how easy and inexpensive it is to get into for new players.  I’ve been able to introduce a lot of new players to the game, and spend most of my weekends playing with my brother-in-laws who both have a natural talent when it comes to the game.  And of course the best thing about disc golf, is that I’m able to take the kids with me and they have as much fun as I do!

Zack Kitchen

Silver Sponsorship

Tampa, FL
Zack Kitchen

“The Legend of Zack Kitchen.”

During the Am weekend of Throw Down the Mountain II (2014) in Brooksville, FL, 16-year-old Zack Kitchen became a local legend with a cliff-to-cliff eagle on hole 18 of the “Gran Canyon.” Hole 18 is one of the most memorable disc golf holes in all of Florida. This 580’ par 4 tees off from a canyon ridge, stretches down a long valley fairway and finishes atop a 40’ wall on the other side of the canyon. With out-of-bounds marked on either side of the fairway, and up the 40’ wall that defends the final target, most pros and am players focus their drives on fairway placement – positioning themselves for a long, tricky approach up to the pin. However, during Friday Doubles play, Zack Kitchen decided to go for it all. He crushed his drive from the red tees with a long swooping left to right hyzer flip shot which finished with a graceful fade right towards the basket. His drive successfully carried 570’ in the air from cliff-to-cliff, leaving him and his partner a 10’ drop-in putt for eagle. This feat puts Zack in elite company. Before him, the only known golfers to duplicate this feat were Professional disc golfers Garrett Gurthie and Ricky Wysocki in 2012. At just 16 years of age, Zack Kitchen is now the youngest disc golfer to have accomplished this epic shot, and thus has etched his name into the local lore for years to come.

Millennium Golf Discs has sponsored Zack, his father Lonnie, and his brother Jake since 2013. This traveling, disc golfing family reminds us of our own roots - traveling the country as a family and playing disc golf anywhere and everywhere we went. They are a class act group of guys who respect the game, their competition, and have values and etiquette of the highest level. They embody everything about the spirit of disc golf, and we couldn’t be happier to have them on our team and as our friends.

Jason Rubito

Silver Sponsorship

Gray, Maine

Bruce Pilkington

Silver Sponsorship

Ft. Worth, TX
Bruce Pilkington

My name is Bruce Pilkington and I've been playing since August 2008.
I decided to start throwing all millennium after I got 2 jls discs from a doubles tourney in 2011 and fell in love with them! So I went down to Play It Again Sports and traded every disc I had for Millennium Golf Discs and haven't looked back!
Millennium has great products and the discs are very predictable and no matter how beat in they get they will still fly the same!
One of my favorite disc is the jls in standard plastic and Quantum plastic.  The Jls is a great utility disc and I can throw them on a hyzer, strait, or anny and know that it will hold the line I need. I use them on holes 300ft or shorter and also for upshots in some cases!
The other disc I really enjoy is the Orion LS. I carry 3 in Sirius plastic and 1 in Quantum plastic.  These discs are what I throw the most.  I have one that turns over nicely for anhyzer shots, one that I use for a flick, and one to throw for max distance. The Quantum Orion LS is new in my bag so I've just been toying around with it for now!
My current set up
-Orange Millennium/HyzerBomb FLAK backpack bag
-Millennium/HB Panzer-Tank for putting
-Omega AP putting
-2 JLS 1.4 and 1.7
-3 Sirius Orion LS
-1 Sirius Sirius LF
-1 QMS
-1 Mortar
-1 Tank (very nice strait putter/driver)
-1 Zero G Scorpius
-1 Q Quasar
You've gotta try out the new discs: the Panzer-Tank and the Mortar.  These discs have lots of grip and fly awesome!!
The Panzer-Tank and Tank are very good putters and great for upshots and good headwind shots! I use the Tank sometimes for a drive on holes around 250 and shorter and it will fly strait as an arrow!
The Mortar is a very good mid range that will fight a strong headwind.  When thrown with 100% power, it will fly strait and finish hard left, but if you don't throw it 100% it goes big Hyzer!

Joey Kozlowski

Silver Sponsorship

Laramie, WY

Mark Steddom

Silver Sponsorship

Davenport, IA
Mark Steddom

"I first started playing disc golf at age 48.  I wasn’t looking to do much other than find an activity that my girlfriend Julie and I could do together.  One of her work friends suggested disc golf so we gave it a try.  A short time later Julie’s brother Joe move here and we all really got into disc golf.  We played almost every day after work.  We were hooked.  I won the first tourney I played in.  Being my first tourney I entered the rec division in one of Jay and Des Reading’s tourneys up here in Iowa.  I continued to do well in tourneys and entered my first Worlds in 2006.  I finished 2nd in the Adv GM division.  I teamed up with Gary Camp and we won Am GM World Dubs the next year in 2007.  I played Worlds again that year and won it and also won the next year as well.  After that I moved to Pro GM and finished 15th in 2009.  I meet some wonderful pros like Mark Ellis and David Greenwell.  Man are those guys good!  

My favorite courses are typically ones that are wooded.  I love John Houck’s Circle R courses.  Des Moines, IA has four great courses that offer a wide variety of different shots.  They are Ewing, Pickard, Big Creek, and Walnut Ridge.  My local area in the Quad Cites has some great courses as well.  Middle Park in Bettendorf is my home course and I love our new course in Milan, IL named Camden2.  I throw mainly backhand but I’ve been working very hard on getting a better forehand.  My favorite disc in the Omega SS.  It’s a great putter and goes dead straight as an approach disc.  My main driver is the QOLS.  Nice little S shot with great glide.  And who can forget the QMS and QJLS.  We really have some great discs!  Disc golf has been very good to me.  Without it I don’t know what I’d be doing.  Probably getting fat sitting on the couch.  LOL"

Russel Burns

Silver Sponsorship

Springfield, MO