Quantum Orion LS



The Quantum Orion LS (Long Straight) is a distance driver disc that flies straight (stable). Excellent combination of distance and accuracy in long straight shots. Best for long down-wind drives for extra carry. You can keep it in the fairway and closer to your destination. Smart disc golfers choose the Orion LS and the Orion LF. Great for all skill levels.

The Quantum line offers our most durable plastic. It provides excellent durability for a long life of reliable performance. Quantum plastic offers a smooth and solid feel in your hand with a translucent appearance.

Millennium (Stnd) Straight 150 Class, 160-175
Quantum Straight 150 Class, 160-175
Sirius Straight 150 Class, 151-175
Sirius Dyed Straight 150 Class, 160-175
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