Quantum Aurora 1.7



The Quantum Aurora 1.7 is a stable mid range driver and is possibly the truest flying disc ever made. It has no rollover, virtually no fade, and surprising distance for a midrange driver. All you have to do is control the angle and watch it make great right curve, left curve, or dead straight shots.

The Aurora has been referred to as the Aurora MS or nicknamed the MS for short. The Quantum Aurora has been nicknamed the QMS. However you refer to it, the Aurora is the best all-around disc you can get and if you're just getting started it's the disc to have. Don't play a round without it.

The Quantum line offers our most durable plastic. It provides excellent durability for a long life of reliable performance. Quantum plastic offers a smooth and solid feel in your hand with a translucent appearance.

You will find three Q Auroras in the bag of Pasi Koivu, the 2013 Finnish Disc Golf Champion. He has one that is soft and grippy that he can throw anhyzer and for short straight shots. Another one is not so soft and is a little bit beat up. He says, "It is the straightest disc I have. It doesn't fade, doesn't flip, goes straight maybe 100 meters maybe more." The third one is a little harder plastic and more stable that he likes to use in windy conditions. If he wants to throw anhyzer in windy conditions, he uses this one.

Available up to 180 grams in Millennium Standard, Quantum, and Sirius Plastics

Millennium (Stnd) 160-175
Quantum 165-175
Quantum Dyed 165-175
Sirius 165-175
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