Frontline-X Mortar

HyzerBomb - Powered by Millennium



The HyzerBomb Frontline-X Mortar is an overstable midrange that high power throwers will love. It's reliable and predictable even in extremely windy conditions. Throw into a headwind and watch it hold the line and not turnover.

Frontline-X is a brand new type of flexible/gummy premium plastic. It is Frontline plastic, comparable to Sirius, with extra give. Frontline-X feels great in the hand and allows for more control.

Powered by Millennium, Frontline-X preceded GStar plastic.

PDGA Approved.

Available in:
-Weights 170-175 grams
-Recon Plastic: Like Quantum Plastic
-Frontline-X Plastic: Like a flexible Sirius Plastic

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