ET Omega Big Bead



The ET Omega Big Bead is a straight putt and approach disc with the essential control of angle, direction, and speed you need for the game. Totally stable in virtually any wind, it's everything you want in a top-notch putter. It features a large bead around the rim instead of the small "micro" bead on the original. The Big Bead will still fly straight on high powered throws, but will have more fade during slower speeds. The larger bead also provides great support for your finger when throwing.

ET is a rendition of our Millennium Standard plastic that has an extra tacky feel that provides a confident grip in all weather conditions.  ET plastic is durable and wears-in slowly, but what makes this plastic blend so special is that it feels like a well-seasoned disc right out of the box.  With unbelievable grip and durability it’s either the best of both worlds, or it's from a different one entirely.

The Omega Big Bead is available in SuperSoft, ET and DT (CFR) plastics in weights up to 175 grams.

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