Long Range Drivers

We are proud to offer a variety of Long Range Drivers that allow players to have choices when it comes to selecting a driver. All of our drivers are built for accuracy, dependability, versatility, and distance. Keeping your discs in the fairway is the easiest way to lower your score, and our Long Range Drivers will give you the necessary distance and accuracy to do so on a consistent basis. Click the model name or image for more information about each.

Mid-Range/Approach Discs

When it comes to control-ability, Millennium's Mid-Range and Approach discs stand out. We take pride in offering the only Mid-Range discs you will ever need to succeed in Disc Golf. For shots where you need supreme control and accuracy, reach for these discs...


When it comes to your short game, we have you covered with our best-selling putter: the Omega Supersoft. This has been Millennium's best selling disc, and it is for good reason. Try one out and see how easy it will lower your scores. Reach for the Omega Supersoft for the confidence you need to hit those key putts. Try the Omega in Standard, Quantum, or Sirius plastic for putting if you prefer a stiffer disc.