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Commemorative Edition 40th Run Omega SuperSoft Available


Commemorative Edition 40th Run Omega SuperSoft Available

The 40th Run of the Classic Omega SuperSoft Available Now.

To us, reaching the 40th production run is pretty special.  The Omega SuperSoft putter is the first of our models to do so, and we found it deserving of its own commemorative hotstamp.  We were excited to work on the stamp with renowned disc golf artist, John Dorn, and very happy with how it turned out. The Omega SuperSoft is one of the most popular putters of all-time, thrown by both beginners and champions.  Join us in celebrating this benchmark occasion by getting one for yourself.  But do so quickly while they're available, because you will not see this hotstamp on any of the future runs!

Did you know? Ever wonder what the numbers on Millennium Golf Discs stands for?  We number each of our runs and label them on the face of all of our discs (with a few minor exceptions).  The manufacturing process has many variables which can affect the outcome of the final product, and because of this we label the run numbers on our discs as a courtesy to players.  In doing this, a large following of collectors and fans has grown over the years, and certain run numbers have garnered some rather large cult followings.  

How to read a run number: on the face of most Millennium discs, you'll find a number that looks like this, "1.20."  The "1" stands for "first mold" of a disc, and the "20" stands for "20th run."  If and when a mold is modified, it would change to "2" which stands for "2nd variation of a mold."  Example: The Omega Big Bead is a variation of the Omega mold, so on all Omega Big Beads you'll see run numbers represented as "2.x."


Brinster Sentinel Set to Release on March 28th, 2014

March 28, 2014

Brinster Sentinel Set to Release on March 28th, 2014

Plastic Test... Check.  Flight Test... Check.  Stamp Artwork Approval...Check.  We had a blast collaborating with the 2013 USDGC Champion, Steve Brinster, on this disc.  The Quantum Sentinel is Steve's go-to Midrange Driver, and this production run lives up to all of Steve's world class expectations.  Are you ready for a Midrange driver with solid fade?  This is the one, take Steve's word for it!  Be sure to get your hands on some of these Commemorative Edition models, there are only 2100 of them.  Also available in a Limited Edition Quantum GLOW option.


USDGC Champion Steve Brinster Joins Millennium Golf Discs


USDGC Champion Steve Brinster Joins Millennium Golf Discs


We are excited to announce that current USDGC Champion, Steve Brinster, is rejoining the Millennium family.  Steve threw for Millennium earlier in his career and grew accustomed to our molds and plastics.  So much that many of our discs are still in his bag and are an integral part of his consistent championship-caliber performance.  Today, he joins our team again with a relationship that works alongside his primary sponsorship with Innova. 

We plan to work with Steve on product development and testing, along with other marketing efforts.  But perhaps the most exciting work with him has already begun.  We have recently started collaborating with Steve to produce a special edition Quantum Sentinel to commemorate his 2013 USDGC win.  While the Q-Sentinel is not a widely popular disc in the Millennium line, it’s perhaps Steve’s most reliable go-to midrange in his bag, and we hope that this special edition run will help bring more visibility to this trustworthy Midrange Fade disc.   Beyond that we feel that Steve brings instant credibility to the quality of our discs and our brand. 

While we are extremely impressed with Steve’s win at the USDGC, our desire to bring him back to Millennium far exceeds his performance in competition.  Steve is truly one of the sport’s elite ambassadors.  He has done more for the sport than almost any touring professional.  He has installed a dozen courses throughout the NY/NJ area.  Three of which have been used as National Tour locations, including his home course, Warwick.  Years ago he also started one of the strongest clubs in the Northeast, the Skyland Flying Disc Club.  He acted as the chairman for 10+ years and currently still serves on the Board of Directors.    

Though at the very bottom of it all, Steve’s character is what speaks the loudest to us.  He’s professional, influential, a caring father and husband, and a positive role model any disc golfer can look up to.  He aligns with our personal convictions, has tremendous knowledge and respect for our company, and he has a love for disc golf with a proven dedication to its growth.  We couldn’t be more proud to have him represent our brand and this sport.  We are looking forward to big things this season, and beyond.


Sirius Aries Set to Release

January 2014

Sirius Aries Set to Release

The PDGA has approved Millennium's newest model, the Aries!  The new disc is set to begin distribution in late January 2014.  More details are to come with specifics on the Aries, but here is a brief overview of what to expect:

"The Aries is truly a versatile, shot-shaping disc all skill levels can use.  This moderate-high speed (11) driver is built to sustain a long left-to-right flight (RHBH) with a high speed throw, and is also a very reliable backhand roller.  With lower-speed throws, the Aries provides long glide with a slight fade on the finish, which provides longer distances for lower arm speeds.  The Aries will be available in late January in Sirius plastic (weights 160-175)."


Millennium Set to Power Hyzer Bomb Disc Line

September 2013

Millennium Set to Power Hyzer Bomb Disc Line

Millennium Golf Discs and Hyzer Bomb have teamed up once again in order to provide high-quality disc golf equipment.  Hyzer Bomb is releasing a new disc line that will be exclusively "Powered By Millennium" and will feature an array of unique models and new plastics.  Set to hit the scene first will be the Tank, Panzer-Tank, and Mortar.  These first three models will be of the Putt/Approach and Mid Range variety.  Discs are currently PDGA approved.  Characteristics of each disc is available on our Discs page.  The discs will be available for wholesale purchase on Millennium's Wholesale Order Form and all qualitiy disc golf retailers. 


FLAK Released!

August 2013

FLAK Released!

The Millennium Edition - Hyzer Bomb Flak is a tour-ready backpack bag that utilizes an upper and lower compartment to maximize storage and versatility. It wears comfortably while holding 18-25 discs with quick-access to putters and plenty of room for anything you’d need on a weekend round or in competition play. Attach a stool or umbrella to the lower front with clips and webbing, and keep it dry in wet conditions with a button-on rain fly.  Available in the PRO SHOP.



Millennium and Hyzer Bomb to join forces with event tour and bag manufacturing.


Millennium and Hyzer Bomb to join forces with event tour and bag manufacturing.

Millennium Golf Discs is excited to announce the teaming-up with Hyzer Bomb to manufacture high-quality disc golf bags and bring a tour of events through the lower Midwest and potentially beyond.  This team effort helps both Millennium and Hyzer Bomb move forward with big plans in 2013 to bring products and fun events to many disc golfers.

Millennium has been interested in expanding into bag manufacturing for quite some time. By working with the team at Hyzer Bomb, this goal will be realized quickly with the launch of the “Millennium Edition” of Hyzer Bomb’s incredible line of bags.  Plans are to immediately begin manufacturing the Flak bag, a tour-ready backpack which can carry over 25 discs with plenty of packable storage room to spare.  The team at Hyzer Bomb has done a tremendous job designing a premium backpack bag.  We couldn’t be more excited to have our name as a part of it and to help make this great backpack available to more disc golfers.  In addition to the Flak, the teams are collaborating on the design of another backpack prototype which we hope to finalize this year, and we’re looking at the potential of manufacturing a sling bag as well. The Millennium Edition - Hyzer Bomb Flak is available for pre-orders immediately. Inventory is expected to arrive for distribution in May.  Visit us on facebook for periodic updates on manufacturing.  

The other big news is the announcement of Millennium’s sponsorship of the Hyzer Bomb “Bombs Away” 2013 RV tour.  The Bombs Away tour has been a big hit. Wes Briscoe, Jeremy Glossup and crew are some of the most passionate disc golf advocates in the industry, and they’ve already done a lot to help move our sport forward.  They will be hitting the road in a Hyzer Bomb + Millennium adorned RV bringing both recreational and PDGA sanctioned events to disc golfers throughout the Midwest.  The team will also be hosting 2-disc “Millennium Challenge” events as well as Millennium disc demos, clinics by professionals and give-away contests through the end of the year.  Millennium and Hyzer Bomb will proudly feature our discs, bags and apparel on site at every event.  Our goal with this tour is to create a fun disc golf experience to introduce beginners and demonstrate to the more experienced players the benefits of highly controllable, premium quality discs. 
See the below schedule to find an event nearest you.  Dates and locations are subject to change:  

April 6th & 7th - McKinney, TX (Am Matchplay Championship)
April 27th - Anna, TX
July 7-13th - Am World Championship
July - Colorado - TBA
August - Kansas - TBA
August 24th - The Colony, TX
August 31st - McKinney, TX - HyzerBomb Open
October 5th - Rockwall, TX
November 16th - Tulsa, OK
December 7th - Little Rock, AR

For more details on the individual events listed above, you can visit Hyzer Bomb’s facebook page or their website,  Like Millennium on facebook to stay up-to-date on the latest news on the bags and the tour, or if you are interested in holding a “Millennium Challenge” at your local course contact Millennium at


2013 Amateur World Doubles Championships

March 22-24, 2013

2013 Amateur World Doubles Championships

This is the annual showdown between the World's top up & coming Amateur doubles teams! The PDGA Amateur World Doubles Championships was created by John Houck in 1991, previously known as the PDGA National Doubles. You don't want to miss this! There will be tons of prizes and activities throughout the week.  Check out more information HERE


RESULTS: Taylor Park Millennium Challenge


RESULTS: Taylor Park Millennium Challenge

Ninety one players filled the beautiful John S. Taylor Park in Largo, FL Sunday for the first Millennium Challenge event of its kind.  There were 11 females and 31 recreational players present, making it the largest turn-out in both divisions over the coarse of Taylor Park's tournament history.  In addition, Open, Advanced, and Intermediate divisions made for an exciting morning of disc golf, with a bonus round of random doubles to finish off the day.  For more information on the format of the tournament, you can Click Here.

A special thanks goes out to the Mark Bailey and the Taylor Park Disc Golf Club for their support and providing such a beautiful and well maintained facility.  Also, thanks to the club for providing all players with a free lunch prepared by Mark Weber of "Your" Pizza Shop.  Thank you to Wendy and Joe of the Clearwater Disc Golf Store for being the on-site retailer.

Singles RESULTS:


1.) Jack Hicks: 51 (Tie-Breaker)

2.) John Lorentzen: 51



1.) Caleb Harbison: 50

2.) Justin Leigh: 53 (Tie-Breaker)

3.) Mike Blue: 53

4.) Rich Nelson: 53


Advanced Women's

1.) Jamie Adams: 58

2.) Candy Roque: 59

3.) Renee Sargent: 63



1.) Tommy McLean: 52

2.) Justin Merkle: 56

3.) Trevor Toenjes: 57



1.) Tod Cronk: 54

2.) Brian Ladrig: 56

3.) Christopher Lamerson: 58


Women's Recreational

1.) Natalie Killebrew: 72

2.) Raylena Cather: 76

3.) Anita Morales: 79



1.) Nick Pierce: 64

2.) Zac Drain: 73


Junior Women's

1.) Hanna Drain: 74


Doubles RESULTS:


1.) Vince Carter/John C: 45

2.) John Lorentzen/Nick Pierce: 46

3.) Aaron Cronk/Caleb Harbison: 47

4.) Brody Roberts/Ned Vahsholtz: 48

5.) Scott Johnson/Greg Saccasyn:48




Hole #3: Recreational CTP David McTigue

Hole #6: Intermediate CTP Tommy McLean

Hole #7: Rec Women CTP Deanna Lutz

Hole #9: Junior CTP Anthony Edwards

Hole #10: All Divisions Long Drive: Christopher Lamerson (Rec.)

Hole #15: Open CTP John Lorentzen

Hole # 17: Advanced Women CTP Candy Roque

Hole #18 Advanced Men CTP Rich Nelson





"Millennium Challenge" to be held at beautiful John S. Taylor Park in Largo, FL.


"Millennium Challenge" to be held at beautiful John S. Taylor Park in Largo, FL.

John S. Taylor Park, Largo, FL – The Taylor Park Disc Golf Club and Millennium Golf Discs will host a “Millennium Challenge” on Sunday, November 18th, 2012. The event will challenge players to keep their game simple by only using only three discs.  Two Millennium discs are included in each player package.  Each player will get to determine their own competitive strategy by choosing any two discs from the Millennium product line in addition to using their own putter.  These three discs are the only discs allowed in the competition.  Players can even choose their preferred weight range and plastic when they pre-register. 

 The event will consist of a morning Singles round, followed by an afternoon Doubles round.  For the Doubles round players can use their own discs, but must drive with a Millennium disc.  Players can compete in Advanced, Intermediate, Women’s or Beginner divisions.  There will be many chances to win prizes as top finishers from each division will be awarded. Millennium Golf Discs will be sponsoring multiple closest-to-the-pin and long-drive competitions in both the Singles and Doubles rounds. And a brand new disc golf basket will be given away by raffle, so everyone has a chance to win!

 For just $25 (+$3 for Doubles) players will receive their two Millennium discs and a free lunch donated by the Taylor Park Disc Golf Club.  The first 50 players to register and pay will also receive a free Taylor Park and Millennium t-shirt!

 Players must register, pay and order their discs in advance by November 11th to guarantee your chosen discs are available on the day of the event.

 The competitive field will be limited to 90 players so register today to make sure you have a spot in the event. 

 Contact Taylor Park Club Commissioner, Mark Bailey, to register.  Mark will also be collecting pre-payment and disc orders.
 727-560-8079 or

 Event Schedule:
•    8:00am – 9:30am - Players Packages distributed + Practice Time
•    9:30am – Players Meeting Begins
•    10:00am – One Round Singles Tournament Begins
•    12:30pm – One Round Singles Tournament Ends
•    1:00pm – Players Luncheon ( FREE ) Sponsored by The Taylor Park Disc Golf Club
•    1:30pm – Singles Tournament Awards Presentation
•    2:00pm – One Round Doubles Tournament Begins
•    4:30pm – One Round Doubles Tournament Ends
•    5:00pm – Doubles Tournament Awards Presentation